Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Weekly Sweep

  • Animal Collective - My Girls [YouTube]
  • Buenos Aires - Waking Up To A Dream [Myspace] (This blog gets more parochial by the month, we know, but there's a lot of excitement round here about these teens crossthreading Glassjaw and Minus The Bear, and we thought we should share some of that excitement with you, world)
  • Brakes - Hey Hey [YouTube]
  • Dananananaykroyd - Black Wax [Myspace]
  • Emmy The Great - First Love [YouTube]
  • Esiotrot - Tammy Is Lez [Myspace] (From a new split double A-side with Foxes!, of whom more...)
  • Fleet Foxes – Mykonos [Myspace]
  • Foxes! - Oh Rosie [Myspace] (
  • Gun Outfit - Your Will [demos downloadable from here] (Also on Rough Trade Counter Culture 08. They're from Olympia, which is why they sound a bit like Beat Happening, but also a bit like the Meat Puppets and a bit like Times New Viking, and they're on the label run by one of No Age)
  • Jeremy Warmsley - If He Breaks Your Heart (acoustic) [Myspace] (This version is coming out as a free download single on Valetine's Day. In other Warmsley news he's putting on a Heartbreak Ball all-dayer at the Slaughted Lamb EC1V on 15th February at which he'll be joined by Johnny Flynn, Slow Club, Gossamer Albatross, A Classic Education and Stars Of Sunday League, he's recording a new EP called The Ragged Choir, "an orchestra-fuelled 6-track continuous narrative about two kids who find a magic world in their back garden", he's started a side project with regular sideman and 33.3% of Three Trapped Tigers (and 20% of Emmy The Great) Tom Rogerson which will apparently be "kind of gay french house meets church music meets shoegaze", and he's received a communique from a stripper in Portland who dances to 5 Verses. Not our words, readers, his.)
  • Mitchell Museum - Warning Bells [Myspace]
  • Muddy Suzuki - Chorus Tortoise [Myspace]
  • The Phantom Band - The Howling [mp3 from The Stu Reid Experiment]
  • Post War Years - Whole World On Its Head [Myspace]
  • Pulled Apart By Horses - I Punched A Lion In The Throat [live YouTube]
  • Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - 1999 [Myspace]
  • Telepathe - Can't Stand It [Myspace]
  • Those Dancing Days - Those Dancing Days [YouTube]
  • The Walkmen - In The New Year [YouTube]
  • The Voluntary Butler Scheme - Multiplayer [YouTube] (TVBS, along with The Miserable Rich, the New Cassettes, Nizlopi and some others, are involved with Almost There, an attempt to fuse music and painting by visual artist Joe Simpson, who's created twelve original artworks and commissioned twelve original songs from twelve artists to go alongside them. There's a video and a Myspace for further previews; the full exhibition runs at Candid Arts Trust, Islington from the 21st of this month until March 1st and then in Sale from April to June)

    And while we don't do new release lists any more, please note that while 9th February is the day when two longtime STN favourites, Emmy The Great and Sky Larkin, both release debut albums - we can only assume the snow affected the community party planning - but out this week came Andrew Bird's long player plus the annual joy and realisation of how little we actually know of new music that is Rough Trade Counter Culture 08 and the properly fantastic Future Of The Left live album Last Night I Saved Her From Vampires.
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