Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Weekly Sweep

  • Andrew Bird - Anonanimal [Myspace]
  • Animal Collective - My Girls [YouTube]
  • Blue Roses - Doubtful Comforts [Myspace]
  • Brakes - Hey Hey [YouTube]
  • Dananananaykroyd - Black Wax [Myspace] (Their influences, according to their Fan Facebook page: "Esther Rantzen, Beat 107.2^10, Niko Bellic, Guybrush Threepwood, Rico Tubbs, Sayid from Lost, Hiro from Glasgow (The Naked King Who's Always Searching For More Gold), Gamelaaf". And their interests: "Making music, doggies, homosexuals, vegetarians, women, a strong ethical belief system, blood orange juice, Die Hard (Quadrilogy), "Where's your foot?", mobile internet, chrisps, eating milks, nothing.")
  • Emmy The Great - First Love [YouTube]
  • Franz Ferdinand - Dream Again
  • Mitchell Museum - Take The Tongue Out [Myspace] (Another Scottish band, and one whose Stephen Drozd-meets-Spencer Krug-meets-Avey Tare fare we should have written about more than we have)
  • Napoleon IIIrd - This Haircut Generation [only previewed, damn you, on Myspace]
  • The Phantom Band - Folksong Oblivion [mp3 from The Yellow Stereo] (From an outstanding album we'll be writing about in fuller detail later in the week)
  • The Second Hand Marching Band - A Dance To Half Death [Myspace]
  • Shirley Lee - The Smack Of Pavement In Your Face [Myspace] (The singer from Spearmint goes 'solo', as in it's got the rest of the band on backing but it's more personal in outlook)
  • Sky Larkin - Beeline [YouTube]
  • The Spinto Band - Vivian Don't
  • Sufjan Stevens - You Are The Blood (Sufjan's mad ten minute electro-folk-ballad contribution to 4AD/Red Hot's AIDS fundraising album of all the North American talents Dark Was The Night)
  • Swanton Bombs - Shock [Myspace]
  • Teitur - Catherine The Waitress [Myspace]
  • Those Dancing Days - Those Dancing Days [YouTube]
  • The Walkmen - In The New Year [YouTube]
  • The Voluntary Butler Scheme - Multiplayer [YouTube]

    Incidentally, what do you think of our new The Music That Made... series? We've had no comments about it yet, which suggests a certain coolness. To which we say stuff you, because this week apart from one day it's nothing but The Music That Made...s. Find out the hotly tipped new band whose singer kicks back with some Tuvan folk, the singer-songwriter who yearns for 2 Unlimited and the maker of one of our favourite debut albums of the STN era's Dire Straits upbringing.

    Recommended reading for the week is Pagan Wanderer Lu's new blog, including: what to talk about at the hairdressers, the vitaminic properties of sunshine and officially choreographed Animal Collective dance moves. His new album Fight My Battles For Me is out in March and is currently available to preorder from his special shop. When we gather together the money and ensure Brainlove aren't going to email us it all an hour after we put in the pre-order, we'll be in the mailout queue.
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