Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Full lengths in brief

Or: a quick runthrough of what might very possibly be (won't be, but who knows) the top 25 albums of 2009.

Bat For Lashes - Two Suns
April 6th for the difficult second album, which she expected to be darker and more electronic. Faultline, Yeasayer and, bloody hell, Scott Walker guest.

Belle & Sebastian, sort of - God Help The Girl
Stuart Murdoch's long promised musical film will be a musical album first, ready for release only when he's ready, with Neil Hannon and Smoosh guesting.

Brakes - Touchdown
The third slab of big riffage/country-punk/very short songs arrives on April 20th on their new home FatCat. "More textured and emotionally involved", apparently.

Camera Obscura - tba
Recorded over the summer with Let's Get Out Of This Country producer Jari Haapalainen, a firm date should come soon.

Cat Power - Sun
Now that whole covers thing is out of the way, maybe Chan can get on with the new album promised under this title as long ago as autumn 2006.

Dananananaykroyd - Hey Everyone!
Late March/early April for a joyously exhausting round of fight-pop, produced by Machine (Waited Up Til It Was Light).

The Decemberists - Hazards Of Love
Continuous narrative rock opera! Full on classic rock! Stoner metal riffage! It could be dreadful or genius; we'll find out on March 23rd.

Doves - tba
They've kept us waiting long enough but they say it'll be with us in April with its Kraftwerk and, gulp, country-rock influences.

Emmy The Great - First Love
Febuary 2nd on Emma-Lee's own Close Harbour, at last. Its contents? Well, give us a day or so, would you?

Final Fantasy - Heartland
A title made public in July 2007 and previewed with two recent orchestrated, Beirut aided "fake field recordings" EPs that may or may not be indicative.

Franz Ferdinand - Tonight: Franz Ferdinand
Funk, glam beats, heavy riffage, synths and electro moments - that's what listening party reports say. Find out for yourself come 26th January.

Future Of The Left - tba
They cancelled a load of late in the year dates to concentrate on getting an album onto tape, early indications are just as spitefully charged as Curses!

Grizzly Bear - tba
Count us in among the many feverishly looking forward to this one. Recording in the Catskills should have finished by now ahead of a late spring issue.

Jeffrey Lewis - tba
Fuff #7 printed, Crass out of his system, Lewis finished recording in October and has been playing plenty of new songs live. Also, possibly a second disc DVD.

Johnny Foreigner - tba
No pressure, like, but Alexei has said they want to get a second record out quickly and they've been playing at least four new songs live in recent months.

LCD Soundsystem - tba
Don't hold your breath, but James Murphy has said he's written eight new songs and may start recording soon.

M Ward - Hold Time
Profile lifted post-She & Him, Matt heads back out solo on February 17th. Guests are Lucinda Williams, Grandaddy's Jason Lytle and, inevitably, Zooey Deschanel.

Maximo Park - tba
They've been in LA with Nick Launay (Nick Cave, PiL, Yeah Yeah Yeahs) on a business-as-usual tip. Well, hopefully better than Our Earthly Pleasures.

Mew - tba
Rich Costey, who did Frengers, is back at the controls for the now trio. "I think it best be up to all of your bouncing ears to figure out" they say.

PJ Harvey & John Parish - A Woman A Man Walked By
The pair teamed up for 1996's Dance Hall At Louse Point; apart from a March 30th street date, little is yet known about this team-up.

The Rumble Strips - tba
You may have heard Mark Ronson has taken them under his production wing; a tour in March should coincide with at least the first single.

Sky Larkin - The Golden Spike
John Goodmanson produced spiky melodic goodness on 2nd February - preorder from Wichita and download the whole thing in mp3 live form for free.

Slow Club - tba
Once Rebecca recovers from recent hospitalisation they're finally finishing the much promised album - spring release, Baxter Dury producing.

The Wave Pictures - tba
At least (!) two albums, one acoustic, one 'proper' follow-up to Instant Coffee Baby, in 2009, plus a self-released solo set from drummer Jonny Helm.

Wild Beasts - tba
They're heading into a country farmhouse this month, aiming to get a second album out within a year of Limbo Panto (ie before June 16th)


Anonymous said...

Should be some good stuff amongst that lot - particularly looking forward to the Sky Larkin debut and the new Brakes one.

Some good 2009 indiepop already 'available', the Pains of Being Pure at Heart record plus new stuff from Butcher Boy and Darren Hayman.

I guess based on time elapsed from the last one we should also be due something from Jens Lekman, Emma Pollock, Lucky Soul and Eels, and anything Blur come up with should be interesting.


Simon said...

One of the above mentioned will be in conversation here before the month is done, in fact...

All good shouts, but after doing sixty last year I wanted to limit the scope this time around, so a lot of uncertainties and smaller bands got left out. I know Lucky Soul have started initial recording and Pollock's been playing the odd gig recently (autumn aim, says her Myspace). Jens... well, who ever knows what he's up to, much like Sufjan, who now he's got The BQE and The Welcome Wagon out of the way must surely be preparing for his next album. Darren Hayman's Pram Town concept album is out, I think, in the coming weeks, not sure entirely when - must have a look for that and do something about it. There's also a couple of albums not mentioned above that will be effused about seperately in the coming weeks.

The Archivist said...

Butcher Boy album "React Or Die" available NOW via mail order from HDIF (not released until April?).

And (it's not British but..) the third Bishop Allen album ("Grrr") is released in March or April.

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Yep yep yep all good choices listed in the above comments and your blog. A couple more that I'm looking forward to are the Blue Roses album and the little known The B of the Bang who has signed with Jellymaid Music (a label set up by Richard Tamblyn (think that is his name) who has worked with Strange Death of Liberal England and Lou Rhodes. The B of the Bang plays dark brooding folk with added bits of electronica and rock. Only a couple of songs up on his Myspace at the mo...Alfred Light The Fires (played recently by Tom Robinson) and the odd but wonderful Alaska...one of those songs with one line repeated over and over.....

Anonymous said...

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