Thursday, July 03, 2008

Celebrity Muxtape #2: A Classic Education

The second STN favourite to take part in our playlist of the stars feature is the Bologna-based band whose carefully constructed huge sweeping anthemry came to our attention at the turn of the year, and we instantly made space for them on our year in preview Covermount and have followed their progress carefully since. They've actually worked with the aforeMuxtaped Jeremy Warmsley and have just released a fine debut EP, available through their website and Myspace. With all that in mind we asked Jonathan, Paul and Luca to tell us some of their favourite songs:

A Classic Education's Muxtape

Gastr Del Sol - The Seasons Reverse
Jonathan: It just opened up a new way of feeling music for me. I was really a kid and coudn't understand what was going on in the song. It is such a great pop song, the lyrics are perfect for it. And when the fireworks go off at the end and you hear the children talking... well, lets just say i've imagined that scene so many times.

Smog - I Feel Like The Mother Of The World
Paul: It could continue for hours... this song and Bill Callahan's voice never tire me. That piano starts getting stuck in your head and never leaves.

Glasvegas – It's My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry
Luca: I need to listen to this song at least once a day! I just heard it even a second ago.

Mike Watt - Tuff Gnarl
Paul: It was written by Sonic Youth but here it is played by the best bass player in the the history of rock and roll Watt's sound and his thumb work is what should be remembered, and not all those glam rock guitar solos! Plus you have Carla Bozulich on vocals here!

Elbow - Red
Luca: For the drums coming back in around 2:50... it's the beauty of despair.

Echo & The Bunnymen - Nocturnal Me
Jonathan: Sometimes when you hear this now you can't help but thinking, geez, it was maybe a little overblown and can easily sound funny with those grandiose lyrics. Other days though it's just what you need to get you back on track and feel invincible. Nature over everything!

Johnny Cash - Hurt
Luca: Because just like Trent Reznor said while he was listening to it, "I didn't think I had written such a beautiful song".

The Modern Lovers - I'm Straight
Jonathan: Wow, the arrogance that comes out of the words. I can feel the voice just right beside me, sweat dripping down. It's just the pure rock and roll song. "I'm straight and i want to take his place!"

Scott Walker - It's Raining Today
Jonathan: This song opens Scott 3 and it just spooks me out. Already the cover of the record is something that just gives me nightmares, but this song... The violins on the right channel just float in the air for the whole song and give it this phantom like atmosphere. The voice..what a voice. You're melted in a second.

Brian Eno - By This River
Paul: It's so simple and touching that you have to hear it once every 5/6 years so that you can rediscover it each time. It helps reminding us that you can be minimal and "leave it to the basics" when you are writing a song.

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