Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What we've done

In case you missed something, unless it wasn't accidental, a quick catalogue of the most notable of the 349 posts we made in 2007:

January 1: The 2006 UK blogger poll results
January 2: The Magnificent '07 Covermount - we'll reupload this if anyone really wants
January 10: Thoughts on the rise of download sales
January 24: Behind the Mika story, or at least the Independent's take thereof
January 31: Borrowed Nostalgia For The Unremembered Eighties, the first in a series of easy, uncritical nostalgia dressed as Covermounts
February 6: A salute to Mark & Lard's Graveyard Shift
February 14: A Friendly Chat With Sky Larkin's Katie Harkin
February 15: An Illustrated Guide To The Fall
February 28: You Probably Think This Song Is About You, a Covermount of dedications to other artists
March 6: An Illustrated Guide To Madness
March 14: The first review of Neon Bible
March 20: A Friendly Chat With GoodBooks' Max Cooke. We will do more of these in 2008, promise.
April 3: This Won't Last Long, a double Covermount of sub-two minute songs
April 10: Glitter kids and indie pop, as they stood ten years ago
April 18: Popworld Pulp's dying embers
April 25: The art of review comparisons
May 17: Eurovision Song Contest - who cares?
May 30: Beth Ditto gets 'em off
May 31: John Peel's This Is Your Life
June 1: More Songs To Learn And Sing, the second set of invited memories which died an early death
June 27: An Illustrated Guide To Elvis Costello
July 19: '07 In The Shade: a contemporary summer Covermount
August 8: Mockney accents in popular song
August 12: Tony Wilson RIP
August 15: Summer Sundae Weekender 2007 reviewed
August 22: Ten years on, how does Be Here Now come across?
September: Radio One As It Is: logging daytime in five parts
September: End Of The Road and Truck Festival reviews
September 12: C97 Covermount
October 9: In Rainbows - but what does it all mean?
October 18: The Radio 1 playlist ten years earlier
October 26: A blog post about blog posts
October 30: The Primer: girl groups - definitely more of these ahead
November 7: The NME Cool List
November 9: C98 Covermount
November 13: An Illustrated Guide To Squeeze
November 20: The Brit Box - a lot of ten years on revivalism this year, wasn't there?
November 26: Amy winehouse turns down the Brighton press' kindly offer
December: The whole Albums Of '07 countdown
December 10: All four volumes of A Very Sweeping Christmas
December 24: The thirty best YouTube finds of the year
December 28: The top 50 singles of the year

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