Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Weekly Sweep

  • Band Of Horses - The Great Salt Lake [YouTube]
  • Brakes - Margherita
  • Chuck Prophet - Dyin' All Young (Also just assume we were inspired by our Songs To Learn And Sing nomination to listen back to our David Ackles collection, OK? We'll keep The Weekly Sweep aside from all that business, bar saying it was between him, Neutral Milk Hotel and this song for our choice)
  • The Decemberists - O Valencia [mp3 from The Muso] (And we saw a non-import version in a chain store this week, so screw you, Rough Trade. Well, screw only so far, but what of your press released January release plans now?)
  • Fields - If You Fail We All Fail [mp3 from The World Forgot]
  • Goodbooks - Leni [YouTube]
  • The Hidden Cameras - Awoo [YouTube]
  • Jarvis - Don't Let Him Waste Your Time [mp3 from The Yellow Stereo] (Not totally convinced this is the great big world setting to rights comeback everyone expected, but it sounds like a grower of an album to us)
  • Jeremy Warmsley - Dirty Blue Jeans [YouTube]
  • Los Campesinos! - We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives [Myspace]
  • Madness - Grey Day [YouTube]
  • Rumble Strips - Oh Creole [YouTube]
  • SixNationState - Fire [YouTube]
  • Squeeze - Slap And Tickle (Pop by our Myspace blog before the end of today to see what we made of Glenn Tilbrook live this week)
  • Swan Lake - All Fires mp3 from Side One: Track One (Yet another Dan Bejar project, this one a US college campus supergroup with Wolf Parade's Spencer Krug and Frog Eyes' Casey Mercer)
  • Terry, Blair & Anouchka - Ultra Modern Nursery Rhyme [YouTube] (More on this subject, tangentially, tomorrow in Weekender. We have such memories of when this came out - and ooh look, Jerry Sadowitz)
  • Tilly And The Wall - Sing Songs Along [YouTube]
  • Tokyo Police Club - Nature Of The Experiment [YouTube]
  • Vincent Vincent And The Villains - Johnny Two Bands [YouTube]
  • The Young Knives - The Decision [YouTube]
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