Friday, November 24, 2006

Songs To Learn And Sing #24

Going quickly, isn't it? Next up to offload their suggestion of essential listening is one of our favourite solo singers of the moment, and we're not just saying that because she quotes us on her homepage, the decidedly singular Emmy The Great:

Noah And The Whale - Death By Numbers

Charlie is very funny he makes me laugh, he asks me to make him toast and I burn it and then he eats it anyway cause he is a scab and he can't afford to buy his own bread. His fingernails are very dirty like he has been playing with mud but he hasn't it's his natural dirtiness. That often puts people off but you have to give him a chance and let his terrible personality put you off instead.

Charlie is in my band and I am in his band. I realise that this makes this choice of song somewhat unethical but I have nothing to do with it, I barely even like the fellow. It is a good song though. The first time I heard it was in a rehearsal and I said "why did you come up with the number 5000." He looked smug and he said "it's all very considered, you wouldn't understand." Later when he wasn't looking I put a dirty tissue in his satchel, because no matter how good you are at writing songs, there really is no need to be smug.

Recently charlie has written another amazing song. If he continues in this vein i will have to ask him to stop, as listening to his music is interfering with watching my DVD boxset of Lost season 2. He says that he identifies most with the fat guy Hurley, but I see him more as one of those characters that mill around in the background with no name, occasionally collecting coconuts or shouting for the doctor.

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