Thursday, August 31, 2006

If we took a holiday, took some time to celebrate

So, shaken by the news that very recent Myspace pick Yossarian have already changed their name to Shake My Hand, we're off for a week and a bit to, um, recharge, we suppose, so no weekend gubbins for the next couple of weeks. You'll just have to manage.


Oh, alright. For the week beginning 4th September we recommend 7" singles from Sparklehorse (Don't Take My Sunshine Away) and Tapes N Tapes (Cowbell) and the Mystery Jets' Diamonds In The Dark EP and in the long players Missy Elliott reinventing hip-hop over time on Respect ME: Best Of, the cherrypicking of Serene Velocity: A Stereolab Anthology and Seafood's Paper Crown King, while on the 11th there's the superb, much Sweeped singles from Camera Obscura, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and Guillemots plus the Walkmen's Louisina, Larrikin Love's Happy As Annie and a Tilly And The Wall 7", while the albums of note on that date are Battle's Break The Banks, Eric Matthews' Foundation Sounds, Junior Boys' So This Is Goodbye, Liam Frost & The Slowdown Family's Show Me How The Spectres Dance, Walkmen's A Hundred Miles Off (that can't be right) and Yo La Tengo's mightily titled I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass plus best ofs from the ever great Adam And The Ants and a second run through REM's superior IRS years. Stipe was on BBC Breakfast this morning in an interview that seemed more than slightly awkward for all concerned.

So you know what we do when we're away for a bit to tide you all over - the third Weekly Sweep Visual Representation Playlist, some say Sweeping The Nation Video Playlist 3. Eight this time, because we don't think many of you have noticed the down arrow on the bottom of the right hand set of screens. There's loose themes here, so on the first set of four we have a set of live TV appearances starting with perhaps British television's most chaotic performance since, and possibly including, Hendrix v Lulu, At The Drive-In tearing up Later With Jools Holland with One Armed Scissor and earning a right stare off fellow guest Robbie Williams; McLusky ripping through To Hell With Good Intentions on HTV's Pop Factory in 2001; Guillemots providing one of the few highlights of BBC3's Guerilla Gig Live with Fyfe and Aristazabal stripping back Trains To Brazil; and Pan's People perhaps too literally interpreting Jonathan Richman's Egyptian Reggae.

The second set of four are related to dancing of all ability levels, which means some bloody extraordinary James Brown and the Famous Flames music and movement at the TAMI Show in 1965; glorious garage one-hit wonders ? And The Mysterians go to a go-go with 96 Tears a year later; Stephen Fry demonstrates the art of 'dancercizing' (oh alright, we've been watching the DVD a lot lately); and an American girl demonstrates the sentiment at the heart of Los Campesinos!'s You! Me! Dancing!, in a way.


Anonymous said...

maybe they should change their name to The Rakes.

Ben said...

I hadn't seen the Mclusky clip before - great stuff. And that At The Drive-In performance had my jaw on the floor at the time.

Anonymous said...

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