Monday, December 12, 2005

Albums Of The Year: Number 20

The countdown starts today and goes through incrementally until New Year's Eve. Tell your friends/readers!


The first time we were aware of the DFA, through the Radio 4 album, we were partly attracted to them because they included Tim Goldsworthy, who'd done an excellent Dawn Of The Replicants remix with David Holmes a few years earlier. More than that, though, was the sound - reminiscent of the Gang Of Four at a time when nobody else was, yet crackling with its own energy, layering effects on instruments, undercut with subtle electronics and in a metre of its own. Then we heard The Rapture, which established No New York and Ze Records' places in the musical tapestry beyond a line on Eno's CV and Kid Creole And The Coconuts. From here, although we imagine plenty are loath to admit it, came much of the music you've heard out of Britain this year. Suddenly, disco stopped sucking.

We suspect that most, like us, heard about Losing My Edge long before we heard it, not that we were disappointed. As well as royally taking the piss, it namechecked the Human League while sounding like a streamlined Being Boiled. As with most of Murphy's work, the LCD Soundsystem album's strength came in that it was brazen about its influences, it just melded them into an amorphous house style. David Byrne relocated to early 80s Sheffield, Mark E Smith joining Suicide, the man who previously claimed to be "the first guy playing Daft Punk to the rock kids" making music that sounded like Daft Punk playing to rock kids. Machines find their groove, influences both discarded and cooler-than-thou are rehabilitated as if they've never been away and if closer Great Release is a straightish Eno crib there's nothing much wrong with it. Oh, and more copies than you'd expect have the second disc of older tracks, starting with Losing My Edge. "You don't know what you really want"? Oh yes we do.

LISTEN IN: Too Much Love
EXTRA FEATURE: Losing My Edge with sound samples of every band mentioned. Be aware that Yaz are the same as Yazoo.


Jonathan said...

Aha, thanks for that. Didn't realise Yaz = Yazoo. :-S

Anonymous said...

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