Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Singles barred

1 Madonna - Hung Up
Presumably scheduled to be in advance of the Kaballah Centre's paid for advertorial, we caught Truth Or Dare, some say In Bed With, on satellite over the weekend. Does she just forget she's being filmed despite being right next to the camera?

4 Simon Webbe - No Worries
Up three! Who decided this was the week to buy this? Who decided any week was the week to buy this?

6 Gorillaz - Dirty Harry
One of our favourite memories of the year is someone claiming that their advance copy of Demon Days had been spoilt by what was obviously a Christian fundamentalist overlaying choirs on certain tracks. So much for foisting creativity on the masses.

10 Tom Novy - Your Body
Formerly half of Novy vs Eniac - Eniac is currently appearing in Run For Your Wife at the Savoy Theatre, Burnham - it's a big welcome back to the top ten for handbag house, with vocals by the bloke who sang on Luniz' I Got 5 On It. A slow sales week, by any chance?

11 50 Cent - Window Shopper
Evidently not slow enough.

17 Stereophonics - Rewind
By the way, Kelly, was it not enough of a hint that everyone seemed to like Dakota more than your usual fare?

22 Paul McCartney - Jenny Wren
As you may know this is the very Blackbird-esque plucked acoustic track off his new album, which makes us wonder if it was conscientiously thus after the roots revisiting of his previous LP, or whether this is his natural state having returned to playing all the instruments himself. A fine decision, unfortunately about to be swamped by the Yoko-led tide of Lennon anniversary mourning.

26 Goldie Lookin' Chain - R'n'B
A musical target about three years out of date, which at least makes it one of their more contemporary targets.

28 Various Artists - Ever Fallen In Love...
The Peel tribute record, which Radio 1 decided not to playlist. Actually, this is pretty much the most Peel-like thing they could have done.

36 Freefaller - She's My Everything/Basket Case
Bye, then. Yes, that's the Green Day Basket Case, and you can imagine how that makes the transfer to a major label-led skatepop outfit featuring one of Point Break.

42 Antony & The Johnsons - You Are My Sister
Presumably this had a late week spike after the fine performance on Jonathan Ross off the telly's show, as everyone outside our little music sphere has done their best to forget the Mercury result. American!

44 Lady Sovereign - Hoodie
More a victim of timing, the Bluewater thing - couldn't we just ban Bluewater Shopping Centre? - having long passed into the back of the And Finally file for the year. As with MIA her British mix'n'matching is paying off better in America, where she's just signed to Def Jam, than here, where she's corralled onto CD:UK to give Myleene Klass rapping tips.


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