Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Late arrivals: Mowbird, Evans The Death, September Girls

Mowbird feat. Sweet Baboo - Lady Lion

In which the Wrexham wonders re-record a track from their 2011 EP with Stephen Black on vocals and turn it into a JT from Islet-produced distorto-monster with a chantalong chorus in waiting. Bodes well for next year's second album.

Evans The Death - Don't Laugh At My Angry Face

It's been a while since they were last around - they were playing new songs at our Alldayer in earlyish 2013 - but a second album, Expect Delays, is due in March, something really quite a step on lurching into life with a classic overdriven organ sound and a song that stumbles around and falls over itself quite often before turning unexpectedly into a classic rock breakdown.

September Girls - Black Oil

And for the hat-trick of roughed up dark garage rock that features an organ put through an apparent hatful of effects, a sharp turn for the acclaimed Irish fuzzpop outfit foregrounding a creepy monologue and an unforgiving gothic pulse from a new EP, Veneer.

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