Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Christmas stories part I

Los Campesinos - When Christmas Comes

"Audition for ass end of horse in village pantomime/Just to hear your voice calling from the back “it’s behind you!”" A Los Campesinos! Christmas seems like a fairly curious idea but they're nothing if not keen on throwing in something from leftfield. Six tracks, two previously released, one a cover of Lonely This Christmas (but of course), previewed by a track which sees swirling violin and glockenspiel making a brief comeback, angst and musical depth present as ever. They're out on a mini-tour with the mighty Trust Fund supporting from Thursday, taking in Manchester, Leeds, Norwich (we'll be there) and London's Village Underground.

Uncle Luc - Christmas 1994

Luke Barham's post-Stagecoach alt-country solo project brings this out on a double A-side 7" on the 15th, the great BJ Cole pedal steel adding weight to a wryly personal account that recalls the Broken Family Band. Tasmin Archer is referenced.

Pulled Apart By Horses - Merry Christmas Everybody

Lonely This Christmas seems to be the new post-ironic choice of festive cover for rock bands (why does nobody ever have a go at I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day?), as DZ Deathrays have had a shot at it revisaged as a shouty power ballad on a double A side as part of Too Pure's Singles Club. PABH as Slade is the flip, which rollicks along with a few key lyric changes and of *course* they pull off the shout as screamo.

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