Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fire Island Pines - Bratislava

It's fair enough as we first picked up on it from him, but Keep Pop Loud has already reviewed Dry Route To Devon, Art Is Hard Records' compilation of new artists from the south west, physically released as an A3 double sided map with QR codes embedded for every location represented so you can scan them and listen in as well as access details and exclusive comment. Somewhere Jack from Alcopop! is furrowing his brow and crossing an idea off his longlist. Straight outta Wadebridge - current home town of Andrew Ridgeley and Keren off Bananarama, don't you know - the sextet Fire Island Pines clearly know their Smiths, Pulp and Felt but more accurately recall the sophisticatedly literate melodrama sub-genre that briefly thrived in the late 90s - Jack, Animals That Swim, the Flaming Stars, up to and including the more upbeat Tindersticks moments. It's a long time since we've had a band that sounded like that.

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