Sunday, March 07, 2010

Better to know

Thanks to everyone that came down on Thursday night for an excellent night's entertainment, for which we've been receiving some very appreciative feedback. Short of numbers through unavailability they may have been, but the Indelicates acoustic power trio still shone despite technical problems (and an impromptu late display of crash gymnastics) with a set mostly of highly promising material - here's a full band version of one - from their forthcoming second album Songs For Swinging Lovers, which has been mastered (they were in Berlin first thing that morning having picked up the master tape) and will be self-released in the very near future. They're next out and about at Manchester Ruby Lounge on the 18th March, with Chester and Bristol on the horizon as well as an appearance at Feeling Gloomy at Islington Academy 2 on 17th April. The Indelicates at a melancholia night? Really? Either they're going to improvise around Stars for half an hour or someone's taking a chance on booking. Cheers also to One Cure For Man and The Falling Leaves for sterling support.

For our part, the indieing refuses to stop. Three weeks tonight we're doing this, returning to the illustrative powers of Indiehorse:

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