Monday, March 15, 2010

Ben Parker - a history

Let's get all this down in one place for posterity.

Superman Revenge Squad we've covered often, and at the moment, now joined by an occasional cello, he's writing and recording an EP, currently trading under the title Dead Crow Blues, that may well get picked up by a label close to our hearts. He's playing Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences' album launch at Brixton Windmill on April 17th, as are David Cronenberg's Wife and Tim Ten Yen among others. Even though both ourselves and MJ Hibbett suggested him to the organisers, we don't think he's playing Indietracks. Were the lineup not already looking pretty impressive - that man Hibbett, David Tattersall, Ballboy, Standard Fare, Fanfarlo, Internet Forever, Allo Darlin', Shrag, Jam On Bread, White Town, loads of others, and they've not even announced headliners yet, and we're doing a warmup gig too - fate would make them pay for this.

Before that, he and drummer brother Adam were Nosferatu D2. For our sins we haven't written about them as much, at least not on here, but their album is magnificent and anyone with a yen for brutally direct fucked up ferocious two-piece art-rock. When you want to write a review and come up with a set of influences that they can't possibly have heard when they split in 2006 you know you're onto a big thing. Buy it, buy it, buy it.

And before either of those came Tempertwig, Ben and Adam plus an unrelated bass player. And yeah, basically it's up to a thousand desolate words per minute plus relentless drumming, only with bits of bass and piano added and less wordy song titles, so it's pretty much backdated business as usual. Although we've had these knocking about for a while, it now turns out their sole five track gift to the world is freely downloadable from

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Rory said...

Thanks so much for introducing me to Tempertwig! Everything Ben Parker touches turns to gold, and I was unaware of their existence until now, so yeah, thanks!