Sunday, November 01, 2009

Noughties By Nature #4: Comet Gain - My Defiance

When you see them live its got to be a surprise that Comet Gain ever managed to keep it together long enough to record something as great as the Realistes album, but record it they did and My Defiance is its crowning glory.

It sounds messy, it sounds cheap, the opening riff is great but obvious, but it has passion and a desire to get a message across. There are some fantastic lyrics - “I’m not scared anymore as my heart is broken and my heart is split in two” - and a great hook as Rachel chants “I want you, I need you” whilst the music spirals background. It’s powerful and insistent and leaves you breathless at the end. So you play it again.

Its the record you play after catching a glimpse of the X Factor to remind you why you like music. It proves you don’t need to like U2 to love rock’n’roll.
Matt Gaynor

[YouTube (live)]
[Album: Realistes]

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