Saturday, October 31, 2009

Noughties By Nature

So this is where normal Sweeping The Nation service is put on hold for the rest of 2009. Throughout December there'll be our usual drawn out end of year orgy of list making and essay writing, but between then and now we're going to put some level of order into this decade just finishing 2000 to 2009 inclusive.

Over the next thirty days and 180 120 posts (give or take the odd one to formalise other business) we've invited readers, friends and countrymen to write about what they believe to be the best songs released during the last 118 months, whether international hits or unreleased gems. One will be posted every six hours starting at the crack of November 1st. You are invited to pass comment as you see fit.

Inevitably, at the moment of writing this there are a lot of gaps still to be filled - get in touch as a matter of the utmost instance. This houses all you need to know about contributing. We're hoping to corral some music people to pop in briefly for suggestions too.

In the meantime - enjoy.

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