Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Music That Made... Stairs To Korea

In a moment of impudence last week we declared on Twitter that Stairs To Korea's Boy Bear It In Mind, released on good old Brainlove last week, is our favourite debut single of the year. And do you know, it might just be that. This is the working name of Will Vaughan, part-Icelandic chronicler of the human condition via DIY electronics and good smart guitar pop. We had to ask him where it came from:

First single bought: Dub Be Good To Me by Beats International, 7" vinyl from Woolworths in Borehamwood. I had some shrapnel left over with which to buy I'm Not Satisfied by the Fine Young Cannibals, which was in the bargain bin. Who'd have thought?

First album bought: Boss Drum by The Shamen. I was a little too into The Shamen at that age. I learned a lot of the words.

First gig voluntarily attended: Therapy?, Shepherds Bush Empire. Support came from Joyrider and Rub Ultra.

The record that most made you want to get into music: Not the least obvious choice but Nevermind... yup, along with everyone else in my peer group back then.

The three headliners at a festival you were curating: Smog, The Jesus Lizard and Cyndi Lauper, complete with a Last Waltz ending.

A song not enough people know about but everyone should hear: Nor Weigh Me Lek Dat (Woman To Woman) by S.E Rogie. Stone cold classic. Honorable mention to To Unleash The Horses Now by Centro-Matic.

A song you'd play to get people dancing: Which Song by Max Tundra

The last great thing you heard: A young band from Yorkshire called Imp who played with me and Internet Forever recently. People should check them out.

Your key non-musical influences: George Orwell, Mark Rothko, Julio Cortazar, Christopher Hitchens, Rimbaud, Come Dine With Me, Strongbow, Google Maps, Pesto.

Your favourite new artist: It's a toss up between Internet Forever and Cage Of Consent. Both from London. Both smashing.

Stairs To Korea - Boy Bear It In Mind: Download Sep 2009 from Stairs To Korea on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

Wicked blog, have you checked out the Custom Blue album 'All Will Be Well'? Came out on Ho Hum Records. Well worth a listen....