Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More opportunities to do our work for us

You might have gleaned some of this from our Twitters in the last couple of days, but here's the full jig: for our other outlet we're putting together a round table-style interview with the organisers of five or six successful, established mid-level festivals (ie not the Eavises or Melvin Benn but festivals you'll definitely know about) on how you actually go about running one in terms of organisation, man-management, the mechanics of getting the thing running smoothly etc. So, within logical reason, what would you ask given the opportunity? Mail, comments, message, you know the drill.

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MJ Hibbett said...

From years of largely fruitless attempts, I'd really like to know what the best way for bands to apply to play is, and how they go about choosing the non-famous ones!