Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Brand new Second Hand

See, this is why we keep blathering on and doing this thing to death - because we know lurking somewhere out there is the next great, or at least potentially great, new band.

Presenting, then, The Second Hand Marching Band.

You're intrigued already, we can tell. Based in Glasgow and formed in December 2007 to "play songs with many instruments that could be danced to" they number between 16 and 22, but don't go thinking this is mere Polyphonic Spree gimmickry. Including members of many other bands, including Dananananaykroyd (drummer Paul Carlin), Eagleowl, Q Without U, The Just Joans and The Occasional Flickers (and, it suggests here, soon ex-Teenage Fanclub/Mogwai drummer Brendan O'Hare), their number includes mandolinists, ukeleleists, glockenspiel (two!), accordion, flute, clarinet, melodica and a three piece internal brass section, we're dealing with sprawling folk of the Sufjan/Beirut end at heart, but with a cheerfully ramshackle chorality pitched somewhere between revivalist joy and huddling together for warmth and safety and an admitted post-rock influence in the way the layers of instruments slowly build and crescendo. You'd imagine they're something special live, although they're only playing across Scotland at the moment. Fair enough, as despite the whole Balkan/Americana reference points it is ultimately a very Scottish sounding thing. They released a limited edition EP, A Dance To Half Death, last week, available from their Myspace and through Chaffinch Records. Watch them, because if we're any judge - pause for readers to make faces and odd noises behind hands - they're building up to something very interesting. Lostmusic has an mp3 up. So do we.

The Second Hand Marching Band - We Walk In The Room (via Sendspace while our server plays silly buggers)


Matthew said...

Did we post about this band at exactly the same time?

Good though, eh.

Anonymous said...

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