Tuesday, February 05, 2008


...what have you been listening to lately?

(No, really, do tell us)


Dead Kenny said...

Records by Lightspeed Champion, Johnny Foreigner, Yeasayer, Beestung LIps and Land Of Talk have been my early year mainstays. And the Buffalo Tom comeback album 'Three Easy Pieces'.

Turning it around, what *should* I have been listening to?

adele said...

I listen to The Clash every morning and have done since 1982
Adele - Music Fanclub

liz said...

republic tigers!

Anonymous said...

Ani DiFranco's album Canon, At The Drive In, Davy Graham, Janis Martin's 'My Boy Elvis' and Deep Purple.

Steve said...

oooh... SixNationState.

And since I heard that Weddings Parties Anything have reformed for a tour, they've been on high rotation.

and more SixNationState.

SiD said...

The Futureheads, These New Puritans, Pete And The Pirates, Crookers, The Presets, Late Of The Pier, and Blood Red Shoes have been popular over here at music liberation headquarters.


Simon said...

Thanks, all - we must do this again some time.

The correct answer is, of course, The Mountain Goats. That's, The Mountain Goats. (And Broken Records, and Gossamer Albatross, and Cats On Fire, and Picture Books In Winter, and Dananananaykroyd, but you probably knew all that)

coach_mcguirk said...

Not an awful lot of new stuff. School of Language album is very nice. As is the new Hot Chip (if you skip the rubbish "ballad" tracks - nowt wrong with ballads, but they just don't have the chops for it).

Old stuff - Swell maps "A Trip To Marineville", Chrome "Half Machine Lip Moves".

Matt said...

Early Talking Heads. Holy Fuck. Add N To (X), not unrelatedly. And, er, The Mountain Goats, albeit I'm about three albums behind.

Anonymous said...

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