Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekender : tomorrow belongs to someone else

FREE MUSIC: This acts as something of a public service, as it's probable you've heard more about Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings than heard their work, being as the leader is a former prison warden whose first release came when she was 40 and her band is Mark Ronson's horn section of choice. At the front of the soul funk revival, 100 Days 100 Nights is the title track from their Billboard charting new album.

HEY YOU GET OFFA MYSPACE: Washington's Le Loup have just joined the merry throng at Memphis Industries in the UK, having signed to Sub Pop offshoot Hardly Art in America. The interest source is plain to see, one man in the studio, Sam Simkoff (joined by six others live) being responsible for something of a gem in the unpromisingly titled The Throne Of The Third Heaven Of The Nations' Millennium Assembly (actually named after a convoluted artwork by James Hampton), out here on December 3rd. There's more than elements of the otherworldly spheres of Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective's Feels, and those who remember our shilling for Anathallo last year should take notice, their joyous multi-layered harmonies and carefully constructed walls of new freak Americana sound threatening to make a real impact once released. Get in there early, beat the rush.

VISUAL REPRESENTATION: Jane Birkin's been in the news this week, leading pro-Myanmar rebel sympathy demonstrations and launching her autobiographical film Boxes. Last year she recorded former muse Serge Gainsbourg's A Song For Sorry Angel with Franz Ferdinand and she's sung live with Beck, and for a 60 year old she's scrubbing up well too. Obviously the first thing you think of in connection with Birkin and Gainsbourg is Je T'Aime...Moi Non Plus, and with Serge second comes his proposition to whitney Houston, but when he stopped being the Gauloise-toting arse around town he could write a song, like Manon and his Bardot duet Bonnie & Clyde. And while we're about Brigitte, who it has to be said is pretty much at the other end from the ageing gracefully scale from Birkin, here's the start of her French TV special in which she sings Harley Davidson in ubercool leather, shortly after posing for photos in substantially less.

FALLING OFF A BLOG: Manic Pop Thrills is a great name for a music blog and is just that - live reviews, picks from all round the place and a sense of what works in a blog.

EVERYBODY GET RANDOM: Sufjan Stevens' likeness carved into a pumpkin. Yes.

IN OTHER NEWS: Let's call it 'doing a Radiohead', because we just haven't exhibited enough journalistic laziness recently. Ooberman, Scouse pop thrills who found many a Next Big Thing title coming their way back at the turn of the decade, have come up with a much better incentive for having you give them your email address than the usual free 96kbps demo track - free access to their entire back catalogue. The still mighty Shorley Wall, Blossoms Falling, the one about talking to cows, the one they brought out on Graham Coxon's label, that odd Beany Bean one 6 Music used to play a lot, all of them.

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