Monday, July 02, 2007

Weekender : today our heart swings

FREE MUSIC: The seven member Vancouver outfit They Shoot Horses, Don't They? don't sound too far removed from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, right down to the drone organ and David Byrne underwater vocal stylings. It certainly strains at the edges of structural post-punk revival at times with horns and Pere Ubu/Pavement/Xiu Xiu stylings. A Place Called LA goes to the doomy carnival.

HEY YOU GET OFFA MYSPACE: Chopper Harris is the band name beneath which lies Ed Treacy, a man who appears to have more ideas then he really knows what to do with. Recently signed to Parlophone, here lies one of the myriad singer-songwriter chartbound visionaries from the mid-80s (Treacy namechecks Prefab Sprout among his influences, which does our work for us) dragged through a laptop. Expect Radcliffe and Maconie to express an interest within months.

VISUAL REPRESENTATION: A random selection of unlikely and unusual TV appearances this time around. To wit: a pipe-toting country boy philosopher introduces Bob Dylan's TV debut on the excellently titled Folk Songs And More Folk Songs; a not entirely together Pop Will Eat Itself on RTE's Late Late Show (note an unremarked upon Lily Savage as a guest, and if anyone can make sense of the Hitler joke at the start of this clip, do let us know); Suggs covers Suedehead on Danny Baker After All in 1993 with Mark 'compared to Tatu's How Soon Is Now it's Citizen Kane' Kermode on double bass (and presumably that's the same Jacques Peretti who now writes for the Guardian in the credits as researcher); Husker Du perform for and banter with Joan Rivers in 1987; a not entirely shevelled Thom Yorke beats the recycling drum for Friends Of The Earth on BBC Breakfast; Stevie Wonder performs Superstition on Sesame Street; and to prove that we do kids' TV slightly differently, Sooty drum batlles against Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden.

VIRAL MARKETING: We've had a lot of emails this week, mostly about assorted generic pills and that strange one about online greetings cards from suspiciouslly unnamed 'relatives'. But one we did receive gratefully was from our old professional friends The Victorian English Gentlemens Club alerting us to All The Sevens, their launch for the La Mer/Stupid As Wood double A side (released 16th July - we'll remind you) at Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff on 7th July. Support comes from the fantastic Gindrinker and Threatmantics, who we don't really know but are assured "specialise in a purely visceral in-your-face gypsy punk". £3.99 entrance plus "a free Russian pin badge".

FALLING OFF A BLOG: We're sure we'd mentioned Black Country Grammar before now. Well, clearly we hadn't, as it was still in our list of blogs to namecheck. Even if he hasn't updated since the end of April there's still plenty going on in terms of wide-ranging mp3s.

EVERYBODY GET RANDOM: The key question arising from the Truck Festival line-up, not counting "so where's (X), then?": Eamonn Dunphy on the Market (acoustic) stage on the Saturday? The U2 and Roy Keane biographer and wantonly controversial Irish football pundit has always had a folky element?

IN OTHER NEWS: We can't emphasise enough how great a work the comic series Phonogram, released last week in trade edition, is, and as a round-up to this first series Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie have told all to Comic Book Resources (warning: spoilers). It's about music journalism as much as music, see.

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