Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekender : not afraid of bronze

FREE MUSIC: Seems it's still not going to happen for Spoon in Britain, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga top ten in the Billboard 200 but getting next to no attention whatsoever even in a music press climate that throws its arms out to welcome the likes of the Hold Steady. A shame, as it easily matches up with most things anyone's produced this year for intelligent groove-laden thrills. The single The Underdog may change matters, and luckily that's the track they're giving away.

HEY YOU GET OFFA MYSPACE: School Of Language, rather than our usual stock in trade of some eager nineteen year olds, is a slightly cynical and around about half the block singular older gentleman, David Brewis, now formerly of Field Music but still within the Field Music organisation, or something. It's similar in a way to the band being cut and pasted in whatever your favourite sound manipulation software is, resultantly a little more outside the retro-modern pop box Tones Of Town worked within. An album is apparently on the way soonish, and if you're in London tonight and see this in time they're/he's playing with the Mules and Jonquil at the the Big Chill House in Kings Cross.

VISUAL REPRESENTATION: In Britain, when we look for clips of the stars before they were famous we generally have to settle for early videos before properly paid stylists got to them. In America stars are bred virtually from the womb, which means while there's precious little evidence of their days as scruffy urchins the amount of material available for cherrypicking is near enough endless. Even so, there's something almost creepy about this clip of fifteen year old Jenny Lewis from Teen Set video magazine, the concept of a video magazine already ageing it to 1991. Even if you're aware of Lewis' teen queen acting background it's weird to see the these days rarely noticeably cockahoop Lewis playing the smiley, Meg Ryan-admiring, question point-missing, trampoline-using all-American fifteen year old sweetheart. Wonder if she still has all those hats.

VIRAL MARKETING: The only real disappointment we have with the forthcoming Go! Team single Doing It Right is that since we saw them perform it live early last year they've dropped the "G! O! Exclamation mark!" bit from the start. Their 2006 Coachella performance retains it for posterity, however, as it does The Wrath Of Marcie (changed over time from Mikey) from Proof Of Youth, released September 10th. Even earlier last year they were playing Titanic Vandalism apparently at a record store designed to look like a Texan's idea of a London Underground station.

FALLING OFF A BLOG: Dusty Sevens fulfils two puposes - digitalising old vinyl and digging out all sorts of loving nonsense. You can't not love a site that's just finished a Siddeleys-related competition.

IN OTHER NEWS: At last someone brings an emergency stop just in time to music video's longest running joke. The Hello Experiment blindfolds a group of clay sculptors and challenges them to make a replica of Lionel Richie's head.

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