Sunday, June 03, 2007

In shops tomorrow: 4/6


Los Campesinos! You! Me! Dancing! On 7".

There are no other singles.

Oh, apparently there are. Not least from just across Cardiff in the form of Future Of The Left. Absolutely nothing wrong with bass you could build a hotel on, rolling drums and Falco shouting the obscurist odds, so nothing wrong with the awkward sludge thump of 7" Adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood. Nobody connected with the Delgados gets away with it round these parts, so welcome back Emma Pollock with the heavily sumptuous acid-laced piano alt-pop of Adrenaline, also featuring former Delgados drummer (and Mr Pollock) Paul Savage on drums. The Thermals get round to a proper UK launch at last with the piledriving A Pillar Of Salt on vinyl, Queens Of The Stone Age move from 'robot rock' to heavier climes on 3's And 7's and the Apples In Stereo, having found their entire promo for their current album used up by interviewing their record label boss instead, give Energy a spin.

It Started With A Mixx is on the B-side.


Although the album we really wanted to mention this week (hint: tomorrow's Song To Learn And Sing) has been moved back a fortnight there's still quite a bit to go round this week. Not least Shellac's first album in seven years Excellent Italian Greyhound, sounding like near enough avant-garde intense three piece post-hardcore pummelling, as per. A few other notes in passing: clearly the fire of proper invention has long passed but Dizzee Rascal's still working away at it on Maths And English (caution: contains Allen, L). We make Memory Almost Full Paul McCartney's fifth consecutive 'return to form' album, while Nick Lowe continues to similarly age gracefully on his country-soul-AOR-pop arc on At My Age. It's the reissues and repackagings where it all is this week, and few are repackaged quite as often as Elvis Costello, what with the reissues of albums with extra discs, mid-price remasterings and compilations. Two of the latter this week, The Best Of The First 10 Years a loose reworking of Demon's mid-90s Best Of that ranges from Red Shoes to I Want You, Rock & Roll Music a random selection from all over the same time period including oddities and B-sides. We bow to few in stating everybody needs some Costello in their life, and both contain some of the finest British-originating music ever made, so there. As does The Clash - The Singles, even though it's the previously released Clash Singles compilation taken out of chronological order and with This Is England added. Dusty Springfield gets the Complete BBC Sessions treatment, 22 tracks recorded between 1962 and 1970, the earliest stuff coming from shows presented by Russ Conway and Ken Dodd, including versions of Uptight, La Bamba and Higher & Higher plus most of the everlasting hits. There's no good reason for Ian Dury and the Blockheads' Do It Yourself, the jazzier, hitless New Boots And Panties follow-up released in 1979, other than it allows us to mention how the original release came with twelve different sleeve designs based on the Crown Wallpaper chart. The Pretenders aren't in the middle of any sort of remastering/expansion campaign but two of their prime albums have been put out anyway in the accepted reissue style, 1984's Learning To Crawl (2000 Miles, Back On The Chain Gang) and 1986's Get Close (Don't Get Me Wrong, Hymn To Her).


Julian Temple's hit and miss Glastonbury documentary is back in a timely limited edition extended format of a special edition 2 disc DVD, a double CD of live performances and a 64 page book of exclusive pictures and stories. These In Review DVDs can be very variable and fall prey to the usual issues of rights and editing, so we carefully list The Clash: Music In Review as it's a double disc set including input from Terry Chimes, Don Letts, Micky Gallagher, Johnny Green, Caroline Coon and Chris Salewicz. A long way back down the food chain we find Reuben, once next big things of Britrock now seemingly set for a life of toilet circuitry and cult success. A shame, as they're far better than the majority of their ilk and there's enough interest to warrant an hour-long documentary, What Happens In Aldershot Stays In Aldershot, also featuring a full London Mean Fiddler gig from last April.


As he's already lived most of his pop life openly we're not entirely sure how many surprises there'll be in Alex James' autobiography - and there's a telling statement in itself - Bit Of A Blur. Bad title, for a start. So here's 288 pages of dandyish Groucho Club and plush foreign hotel decadence plus a bit of getting annoyed at Graham, with some countryside and space exploration business at the end. His best advice, apparently, is that a raw carrot will cancel out the smell on the breath of a bottle of champagne. His At precisely the time his daughter didn't need him to Fat Les bandmate Keith Allen has an autobiography out too, called Grow Up. That'll be a hundred pages of things he saw Damien Hirst do in the Groucho, won't it? Will Hodgkinson's Guitar Man was a fitfully interesting take on the 'personal adventure with comedic potential' genre as he learned to play the instrument from his heroes; Song Man sees him try to write a song in much the same style, involving Keith Richards, Ray Davies, Andy Partridge, Chan Marshall, Richard Hawley, Shirley Collins and Bridget St John. There's a third book on the way, Record Man, about his attempt to run an independent label, as currently serialised in the Guardian. This is also the week Potty Pete gets to re-establish himself with the release of Journals: The Collected Writings of Peter Doherty, an anthology of his twenty or so Books Of Albion that he's been talking about since before Up The Bracket. Thoughts, poems, drawings, diary entries, lyrics and suchlike add up to, according to the publisher, "the work of a serious artist", which does sound a little like an attempt to place him in the realm of Da Vinci's journals.


Spidey said...

Get funky with my munky.

Matt said...

It's just as well that you didn't point out that You! Me! Dancing! comes on frankly beautiful heavy red vinyl that could make even the sort of person who wouldn't normally get over-excited about such things think twice about playing it in case it gets damaged, otherwise I may not have got any work done this afternoon. Anyone who sticks it on ebay in a months time has no soul. Possibly.

Anonymous said...

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