Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Turn on the news

A few months back we marvelled at the Rakes' appearance on the BBC 6 O'Clock News, and similar gogglage was in evidence last night when Newsnight, in reporting on the new iPod in a very "have you heard this new thing called mp3?" style, solicited the opinions of Becki Pipette. Little were we to realise that not only would this not be the most out of place pop interference in BBC news this week, but her band wouldn't even qualify as the most unlikely female harmony-based indiepop group to appear on the Beeb in a nine hour timespan. For, at 7:45 this morning, on BBC Breakfast, to illustrate the potential reach of bands via the Internet... Shimura Curves! (Big old ambient marketing push for their label, the highly rated Brainlove Records, too)

Now, debate. We marvel at unlikely pop entries onto modern British telly, and would commend to the house the Polyphonic Spree on Today With Des & Mel, Ruth on the National Lottery Live, the Wedding Present on Esther, Goldblade on CD:UK, Super Furry Animals on the shortlived Tonight With Richard And Judy advertised as Take That's natural successors, Preston when that Celebrity Big Brother started and, of those actually on YouTube, Morrissey and Marr on S.P.L.A.T.! and Gold Against The Soul-era Manics on Gimme 5. Any more suggestions?


Dead Kenny said...

Simon, are you old enough to remember Jilted John (aka Graham Fellows) popping up at the end of an old Corry episode as a 'jilted john' who couples off with a similarly jilted Gail outside a local cinema?

Simon said...

No, actually, although I'm sure I've seen Fellows do some other unlikely non-Jilted/Shuttleworth/Appleton work. (And, to be facetious, it doesn't actually count for this as it clearly isn't musical business)

Dead Kenny said...

Ah, but to extend the facetiousness further, the nature of the cameo was clearly a sly wink to his erstwhile Jilted John 'musical' persona, at a time when such po-mo moments in mainstream TV where acutely rare.

But, admittedly, he wasn't discussing his microphone technique with Sue Lawley on Nationwide, if that was the sort of thing you were after!

Anonymous said...

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