Sunday, July 30, 2006

The NEW-LOOK! Weekly Sweep

How long do you think we'll be able to keep this up for, then?

  • Brakes - Porcupine Or Pineapple (live YouTube)
    "Spiky spiky!" Perfectly set for audience participation/shouting along All Night Disco Party B-side and live staple. As ever with Brakes' short songs, near enough inexplicable
  • Camera Obscura - Let's Get Out Of This Country (live YouTube)
    Man, how good is this album still? Northern Soul just like Jimmy Webb would have written it, it's out as a single in September and surely more will pick up on them now. Don't anyone dare cheer Tracy-Ann up!
  • Emmy The Great - Edward Is Dedward (mp3 demo)
    And you thought we were merely going overboard up there. Standard half tender/half cutting lyricism with the capacity to both move you and kick you amidships from that increasing rarity, a modern British female acoustic singer-songwriter worth listening to
  • ¡Forward, Russia! - Eighteen (YouTube)
    Not planning to let up any time in the near future, somehow it all sounds much more relevant and strong when it's accompanied by Tom's crash gymnastics. Saw Whiskas on five seperate occasions on Sunday
  • Goodbooks - Passchendaele (Myspace download)
    It was the least we could do after they attempted to give us pneumonia by forcing us out into thundery rainstorms at Truck to see their cracked indie-disco and their song of songs. Next single, apparently
  • Guillemots - Little Bear (mp3 on Last Sound Of Summer)
    God knows what you'd make of this being the album opener if you'd never heard them before, but the fragile vocals and Scott Walker-meets-Mark Hollis strings set their widescreen balladry side out straight away
  • Harry Angel - Death Valley Of The Dolls (Myspace download)
    Actually, we know what this reminds us of now - Cooper Temple Clause's Panzer Attack, but as essayed by Placebo and Seafood simultaneously. Why did nobody tell us when this was released last October?
  • iLiKETRAiNS - The Beeching Report (YouTube)
    Couldn't be anyone else, inevitably, launching a new strain of post-rock that's positively bleak and elegaic. Just listen to that choir (made up of ¡Forward, Russia!, Napoleon IIIrd and This Et Al) and claim it doesn't somehow move you
  • Jetplane Landing - I Opt Out (YouTube
    Music to form a circle pit to, Derry's most DIY-friendly, least compromising post-hardcore outfit pulled out another jagged riff to drive Andrew Ferris' wordiness on this lift from last album Once Like A Spark
  • Los Campesinos! - You! Me! Dancing! (Myspace)
    They can't stay blogging's best kept secret for much longer, can they? One of the other songs on there claims they're "trying to find the perfect match between pretentious and pop". Couldn't have put it better ourselves.
  • Peter, Bjorn & John - Young Folks (mp3 on Red Blondehead)
    Goddamn you, Sweden, how do you keep doing this saccharine layer on dark underbelly indie time after time after time? Featuring now ex-Concrete Victoria Bergsman, the whistled hook, one of the song's umpteen, ensures earworm status on one listen
  • Pipettes - Magician Man (mp3 on The Rich Girls Are Weeping)
    Yeah, alright, we'll get over it eventually, but this 7" B-side's worth it because it doesn't sound an awful lot like their template. What it is is Rosay (we're fairly sure it's her throughout, anyway) rubberstamping 'Future Star' on her CV
  • Richard Davies - Cantina (mp3 on Captain's Dead)
    See, this is the greatness of the Internet music community and mp3 blogs writ large. Mark Radcliffe was all over this in 1998, the non-Eric Matthews half of Cardinal's desert folk-rock road trip
  • Scritti Politti - The Boom Boom Bap (streaming on whatever this site is actually called)
    As we said when the Mercury nominations came out it took us ages to catch up the minimal DIY keyboard soul of White Bread Black Beer, and now we can hardly get past the opener, which were it not for the hip hop quotes could have come from his 1981 heyday
  • Shimura Curves - Just Like Friends (Myspace download)
    Can't help thinking there's currently that little indescribable something missing from their laptop harmony electropop sandwich, but their post-twee Mary Chain take should be on plenty of playlists
  • Six Nation State - Keep Dancing (YouTube)
    Probably best appreciated in their all-action live show, but this debut single from March puts four to the floor, just about keeps itself under melodic control and generally does what it says on the tin
  • Tapes 'N Tapes - Insistor (YouTube)
    The album's not all that consistent and their early hypeteers would probably admit now that maybe we all went an album too soon, but nobody's going to deny the driving two-step pulse that constantly urges this on
  • The Gossip - Listen Up (video download)
    Some will argue that The Gossip would be nothing without the rhythm section ultragroove cultivated many years ago by ESG, but they didn't have the soul Siren (as in driving sailors onto rocks) Beth Ditto up front
  • TV On The Radio - Wolf Like Me (mp3 on inkiostro)
    On reflection Return To Cookie Mountain saw TVOTR - and where's the hype gone, by the way, British press? - open up their dense claustrophobic sound to all sorts of airiness. As ever, though, describing anything of theirs in print would make it sound like a bloody mess.
  • Young Knives - Weekends And Bleak Days (Hot Summer) (mp3 on here)
    It's inevitably going to come out just as the weather changes for the worse, but its relentless wry optimism is as cheery as it was this time last year. Come on, festival audiences, you've got your chant here!
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