Monday, May 29, 2006

Weekender : finding it could more than likely have actually got to Dot To Dot yesterday after all

A QUICK WORD FROM OUR SPONSORS BEFORE WE BEGIN: If it's a little quiet over here over the next month and a bit, it's because we're running a World Cup blog called Finals Fantasy, which launches today. Tell your family/friends/readers/strangers!

CHART OF DARKNESS: Crazy is apparently being deleted today, which has been taken as a sign that the label and band think nine weeks is enough. Clearly someone's not been paying attention to the download rules that got them there in the first place. In the old days there would have been five top ten new entries but instead we get one, Matt Willis' warmed over 'punk' and his Shockwaves advert-haired guitarist at 7, and four logically unlikely sales spikes, Sandi bleedin' Thom leading the pack at 2, the Internet hype-aided major label signing lamenting computers and major label influence, followed by Primal Scream's chart high of 5, 9 To 5 doing 27 places better than it did for Lady Sovereign on her own and the Feeling at 10. Keane's attempt to take on the entire U2 back catalogue at once lands at 15 on downloads, the same route Pink's really rubbish new single - either rock or don't! - has to 19. However Robbie Williams at 22 is a proper entry, and although there doesn't seem to have been any direct promotion for it or even sustained radio play it's still surprising to see it so far down. Maybe all the fans were too busy daydreaming about the Take That reunion. The Futureheads, who radio clearly don't want to know about if it's not someone else's song, are only two places short. Taking Back Sunday, one of the many emo-achieving bands that make Jo Whiley's show such a trying listen these days, are at 36, Paul Oakenfold and Brittany Murphy's tribute to 1997 electronica is a download entry at 37, the Darkness, who've always had decent positions even as the publicity machine moved on, have the luck run out at 39 and post-Arctics young social commentators Little Man Tate squeeze into the top 40 ahead of the Mystery Jets, You Can't Fool Me Dennis having improved on re-release from 44 to 41. Two intriguing notes from the top 75 as Breaks Co-Op, top ten in the airplay charts last week, enter at 43 in what can only be either the absence of sun or extreme Zane Lowe suspicion, and Paul Simon is at 71 on downloads. Paul Simon! Hail this brave new world!
Albums? Chili Peppers still top, Feeder show staying power for once by climbing one to two, what we thought had been a quiet launch for Zero 7's new material actually gives them a number four album, one ahead of the Pet Shop Boys and two above Angels And Airwaves - can you see anyone claiming to be a big fan of theirs without substantial caveats? - Boy Kill Boy's almost universally ripped right into album manages 16, the Kaiser Chiefs climb up to 25 for seemingly no reason (unless people did genuinely think "Ricky's been hit by a car! We must pay for his medical bills by buying Employment again!") and Hot Chip get a very decent 34. And that's that.

FREE MUSIC: Hurrah for the Summer Of Shoegazing! Viewers of MTV2's 120 Minutes might well be aware of Citizens Here And Abroad, or at least one of their videos for a song that appears never to have even sniffed UK release. They're a San Francisco outfit who resemble Kevin Shields joining Lush playing at being Bloc Party, Appearances fitting that whole dreampop idea rather well.

HEY YOU GET OFFA MYSPACE: Just when you think you can safely rule out the north eastern artrock brigade, along comes a second wave led by Dartz!, who blend the jerky guitars of standard with elements of original flavour emo and math-rock. God knows what's happened to Kubichek!, but their crown as Tyne & Wear's most promising has just been stolen.

VISUAL REPRESENTATION: As mentioned yesterday, Can's I Want More is being reissued on vinyl this week, which is a good enough excuse to stick up this extraordinary mimed version from a German TV show that far outpaces the more legendary Top Of The Pops Edmonds-introduced version. Watch the dancers go.
VISUAL REPRESENTATION EXTRA: There are many things you can do in the uploaded video comments box. You can overexplain, make a fanboy comment or just leave it to the bare essentials. Or you could just state that this is "The video for my 1997 song, 'Your Woman.'" in the reasonable belief that nobody will prove you wrong. Seriously, isn't this something of an oversight in Channel 4's recent greatest one hit wonders list?

FALLING OFF A BLOG: It's building a reputation to be proud of without our help, but we've been drawn more and more to Skatterbrain in recent weeks, what with its new Xiu Xiu, The Most Serene Republic and the Paper Chase (all bands we really must check out fully at some stage), a couple of rare Animal Collective tracks that are rare because they contain elements that would never get cleared and, back in the May archives and we think still downloadable, the summer mixtape project and some Pipettes acoustic radio gubbins.

EVERYBODY GET RANDOM: Speaking of whom, they're on the cover of the currently available third issue of women in music magazine Wears The Trousers, PDF downloadable from that link, and Rose is interviewed inside alongside Neko Case, Bic Runga, Debra from The Organ, the Chalets, the Rogers Sisters and Terri Walker. We say current issue but number four is very much on the way, previewed by a chat with Isobel Campbell.

IN OTHER NEWS: Art Brut are currently taking on that most unlikely of regions for their worldview, America, having just played Coachella and earning many a blog's love. What this means is the Art Brut franchise scheme is gaining momentum. American public radio is now taking an interest, specifically in Rock n Roll In The Real World's Art Brut 3.14.


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