Thursday, January 04, 2024

Trailing in late from 2023

Project Overload - Second Chances
Project Overload - Moving Mayhem
See, this Coventry five-piece who release their debut album New Beginnings on the 19th is the kind of thing people should really have flocked to tip us off at the time (er, November) about given they deal in the kind of bright janglepop with sharp elbows that feels very redolent of post-C86 or the Blonde Movement bands while surely too young to know what exactly those mean.

Jim Nothing - Raleigh Arena
Well, why not make a record about the joy of cycling in this day and age? Especially one that like the Auckland singer-songwriter flirts with psych-rock in several of its forms, switching seamlessly between stratospheric guitar pyro and synth-motorik.

Thorn Dells - Surface
Staying in New Zealand - Dunedin, in fact - for more synths and steady rhythms but of a very different type, layering on the threatening electro that slowly closes its iron claw around you. Those who follow the Sink Ya Teeth diaspora or Shelf Lives may find much to fascinate.

Blanket Approval - You Think It's Funny
They're from New York, and in a funny not-too-cool-for-you way it shows. They have things to say to the wrong people and a synth-lifted, strident quasi-Throwing Muses nerviness where the vocals come in at strange angles helping take it from stomping to jangling to cresting.

VIAL - ur dad
103 seconds of hooky, spiky, brattiness overload punk-pop, a genre that we're fully awareness is almost as debased as a genre term as dreampop these days but this is as they would have understood it in its original form. And yes, the Minneapolis trio want *your* dad.

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