Thursday, November 21, 2019

40 From 40 Plus 10: 2012

2012 was a bit of a weird year. It was the most difficult of these to compile, if that's any judge (not helped by Words And Music By Saint Etienne's absence from Spotify) The London Olympics seemed to be treated as some as an unnecessary distraction from the Spice Girls at the closing ceremony, and then that came and went leaving little trace. We thought Somebody That I Used to Know was going to be the sound of the years ahead; instead it turned out to be Titanium. Ah, we'll always have Call Me Maybe and, well, Gangnam Style, a portent of both virality and Korean overlords ahead. Red made Taylor Swift the centre of everything. Whitney, Donna Summer, Davy Jones and MCA died. So did EMI, after a fashion. Blue Ivy was born and became a brand immediately. LMFAO were a thing for a bit. Frank Ocean came out and Channel Orange became everything. MIA flipped off the Superbowl and as a side consequence set the tone for all of actual performers Madonna's co-opting of cultural change this decade, passing by or being overshadowed. Eurodance evolved into EDM, which became bigger than us all. Adele took over the world. Meanwhile...

Everything Everything - Cough Cough
Breton - Interference
Lone Wolf - The Swan Of Meander
Hooded Fang - ESP
Melody's Echo Chamber - Some Time Alone, Alone
Grizzly Bear - Sleeping Ute
Minotaur Shock - Janet
Public Service Broadcasting - Spitfire
Cheatahs - The Swan
Japandroids - The House That Heaven Built
Internet Forever - Cover The Walls
Future Of The Left - Beneath The Waves An Ocean
Mission Of Burma - Dust Devil
Ace Bushy Striptease - Long-Term Relationship In Durham...
TOY - Kopter
Savages - Husbands
Tall Ships - Gallop
Solange - Losing You
The Invisible - Protection
Niki & The Dove - The Fox
WHY? - Sod in the Seed
Cat Power - Ruin
David Byrne & St Vincent - Who
Shearwater - Breaking The Yearlings
Bat For Lashes - All Your Gold
Sharon Van Etten - Serpents
First Aid Kit - Emmylou
This Many Boyfriends - Number One
Cats On Fire - My Sense Of Pride
Tigercats - The Vapours
Beth Jeans Houghton - Atlas
Dexys - Nowhere Is Home
Fear of Men - Green Sea
Beach House - Myth
Gulp - Game Love
Perfume Genius - Hood
Daughter - Smother
Tessera Skies - Soliloquy of An Astronaut
Allo Darlin' - Tallulah

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