Monday, December 17, 2018

STN's "other" tracks and Mixtapes of 2018

This is the other part of our annual bonfire of the vanities - "other" tracks means those from albums that didn't quite make the top 50 of the year and those from artists that didn't put out an album this year at all. Last year, you may recall, we offered a 200-strong list. That was ridiculous even by our overwrought standards, so just a trim, unordered sixty this year. Fine? Fine.

A Certain Ratio feat. Barry Adamson - Dirty Boy
Adam Stafford - Zero Disruption
Amaya Laucirica - Could This Be
Amber Arcades - Alpine Town
Annexe The Moon - Full Stop
Baxter Dury, Étienne de Crécy & Delilah Holliday - White Coats
Big Joanie - Fall Asleep
Black Belt Eagle Scout - Soft Stud
Body Type - Arrow
boygenius - Bite The Hand
Boys - Rabbits
Brix & The Extricated - Heavy Crown
Caroline Says - Sweet Home Alabama
Christine and the Queens - Doesn't Matter
CHROMA - Girls Talk
CZARFACE & MF DOOM feat. Open Mike Eagle & Kendra Morris - Phantoms
David Byrne - Everybody's Coming To My House
Deerful - N1c
Drahla - Twelve Divisions of the Day
DRINKS - Real Outside
Eels - The Deconstruction
Evelyn Drach - Leopard in the Sun
FEWS - Business Man
flirting. - Peppermint
Gwenifer Raymond - The Three Deaths of Red Spectre
H. Grimace - In The Body
Historian - I've Been Here
Hop Along - Prior Things
itoldyouiwouldeatyou - Get Terrified
John Grant - Love Is Magic
Julia Jacklin - Body
Kermes - I Wanna Be Yr Sometimes
Lala Lala - Destroyer
The Lay Llamas - Silver Sun
The Longcut - Deathmask
The Lovely Eggs - Wiggy Giggy
Low - Dancing And Fire
Lucinda Chua - Whatever It Takes
Mastersystem - Notes on a Life Not Quite Lived
Mitski - A Pearl
The Mountain Movers - Freeway
Mutual Benefit - Written in Lightning
Nilüfer Yanya - Thanks 4 Nothing
The Ocean Party - Rain On Tin
Oliver Coates - Charlev
Pip Blom - Come Home
Pram - Footprints Towards Zero
Protomartyr feat. Kelley Deal - Wheel Of Fortune
Rebecka Reinhard - Nonsense in Your Sleep
Red Telephone - Kookly Rose
Robyn - Missing U
Rose Elinor Dougall - Make It With You
Run The Jewels - Let's Go (The Royal We)
Stella Donnelly - Mechanical Bull
Store Front - Go for Broke
Sudan Archives - Nont For Sale
Tigercats - Stay Out Of Limehouse
Tiny Ruins - Olympic Girls
Vive la Void - Death Money
Wooing - Could Have Been

What's that? Text isn't interesting to you any more? The pivot to other forms of media is complete? Alright, we don't have video but here's five Mixcloud-based 2018 Mixtapes, taking stuff from both the albums and tracks lists plus a handful of other really good songs that seemed to fit, and because we like a pointless concept they'd all fit on a standard CDR. Enjoy?

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