Wednesday, May 03, 2017

STN recommends: 3/5/17

First things first, we realised we didn't get time to write a Recommends at the end of last week and then spent just as long putting the songs we wanted to write about on Twitter instead, so who's the real winner here?

Drahla - Faux Text

From Leeds, a Too Pure Singles Club release, recorded by MJ at Suburban Home Studios - some people have worked out the express route to getting onto STN. And luckily it's a great single too, a menacing meeting of almost-spoken intrigue with surging art-noise guitars and skronking sax in the Sonic Youth lineage but none the worse in ideas and ominousness for that.

Soeur - Just Yet

There's been a few bands recently reaching back to the great gritty grunge sound of 1992, and not a lot of them are very good. Bristol via Worcester's Soeur, who we first came across just this weekend at Handmade festival, have the charm and nous to pull it off on their What Separates Us EP, knowing all about the key to it all being the capture and release, allied to the raw, sleazy dual female vocals. And check that riff bringing down buildings in its wake.

Orchards - Darling

Another Handmade discovery, Brightonians and recent PWR BTTM support Orchards are tricky to grab hold of, switching seamlessly from Foals-style slightly straightened angular hi-life influenced shapes to big showy synth-driven choruses to exuberant shiny poppiness, bursting with hooks throughout. Fans of Fickle Friends will find plenty to like here.

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