Monday, February 09, 2015

Lone Wolf - Give Up

Paul Marshall's third album The Lodge, out May 11th, would seem to be very deliberately different to the expansive melodramas of the first two. That's because he's in a very different headspace to then, having first vowed to give up making music at all, then having an anxiety-related breakdown before deciding to put it all into one final push, recorded in the now defunct converted barn studio commemorated in its title. Piano pushed to the forefront, the results land in that heart-on-sleeve, silence-as-telling-feature area between Mark Hollis and Perfume Genius by way of Wild Beasts' minimalist moments, continuing the "warmly bruised voice tell(ing) tales of internalised pain and the confused psyche" we referred to on The Lovers just over two years ago but sounding even more fragile and willing to break down the human psyche.

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