Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Today's specials: Slow Club, DZ Deathrays, Hamilton Leithauser

Slow Club - Tears Of Joy

There doesn't seem to be an imminent album (although there is a London one-off show in May) but a new track has emerged anyway. There's been a delicate acoustic version of this online since June; the recorded version works in some lovers' R&B influence into a more ornate arrangement than we're used to while still recognisably Charles and Rebecca's brand of positive melancholia.

DZ Deathrays - Gina Works At Hearts

Having stormed out of the southern hemisphere two and a half years ago the duo sounded at first like they didn't know where they were heading next. This track from Black Rat, out 2nd May, succeeds in plotting a route between accessibility - check the handclaps! - and pumped up classic rock riffola. They entirely appropriately tour with Blood Red Shoes in April.

Hamilton Leithauser - Alexandra

So it looks like the Walkmen are done, with singer Leithauser bringing his early warning siren of a voice to a solo album, Black Hours, come May. Featuring and co-penned by Rostam off Vampire Weekend, by comparison to the band's output this feels positively jaunty.

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