Thursday, May 02, 2013

Sky Larkin - Motto

If it seems a while since we last heard from Sky Larkin it's because Katie has been around the world as the fifth Wild Beast, Nestor has been supplementary drumming and tour managing around and about and Doug has been leaving to get a proper job, replaced Future Of The Left-style by two new members, Sam Pryor of These Monsters and Nile Marr of Man Made (and yes, he is). They recorded a third album with usual producer John Goodmanson at the tail end of last year, due out in autumn; this first taste is longer and more concentrated, the mesh of guitars and rumbling bass nodding more openly towards Sonic Youth at their more decodable but still essentially them, thrusting shards of sharply circling riffs and Katie's way with smartly syllable-recursive couplets and detached worldview present and correct. After a date tonight at the Scala and Live At Leeds on Saturday they're embarking on a tour supporting Dutch Uncles in three weeks' time and then some dates with Marnie Stern. Great to have them back amongst us.

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