Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Vienna Ditto/Witch Hunt/Thirty Pounds Of Bone

Vienna Ditto - Liar Liar

Atmospherically dark rockabilly always grabs our attention and so it is with this duo, smoky voiced blues-hewn temptress Hattie Taylor working against a fulfilling but never crowded template of spaghetti western twang, insistent percussion and the odd globule of rumbling, springy electronics filling in the gaps, sounding quite like lots of touchstones without directly copying any of them.

Witch Hunt - Crawl

Another duo with a singer exuding both sinister menace and siren-like allurement, Witch Hunt are another of those seemingly endless Leeds bands who'd get lesser people going on about dark satanic mills at length. This second single is all about atmospherics, picking out guitar notes in a swirling reverb vacuum as a bewitched Louisa Osborn evokes Polly Harvey warning all who hear not to get too close. Busy spring ahead for them with appointments at Liverpool Sound City, Live At Leeds, Long Division and Communion.

Thirty Pounds Of Bone - Home Faring

Not a duo and not really darkly allurring either, but this blog is a land of contrasts. Johny Lamb first came to our attention four of five years ago with a bewitching, eclectic take on stormtossed coastal folk, largely derived from his Shetland upbringing, that's grown all the more traditional over time. His forthcoming third album I Cannot Sing You Here But For Songs Of Where, out 6th May, sees him readopt the trusty accordion and what may be uillean pipes for a rumination on relocation/dislocation.

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