Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lord Huron/Scott & Charlene's Wedding/Summer Camp

Lord Huron - Time To Run

Ben Schneider's once-solo project made the STN list of things to look forward to in 2011 on the back of an EP, Mighty, that sweltered and turned in a post-AnCo folk and calypso influenced heat haze. Schneider promptly spent the whole of 2011 on the road and the first half of 2012 in the studio, gathering four like minds around himself. The result, Lonesome Dreams, is out in a couple of weeks; the advance track is propelled by insistent tribal drumming atop which snugly lies sunshine pop shapes discoloured by so much sun the colours eventually start running into and over each other, racing but languid.

Scott & Charlene's Wedding - Footscray Station

THERE'S A BAND CALLED SCOTT & CHARLENE'S WEDDING. They (well, he, one Craig Dermody) are from Adelaide, to be fair, and are now based in New York where the name must be bemusing people. Very much Australasian, in a way, the laissez-faire psych-indie of The Clean falling into a big whirlpool of Velvet Underground vinyl. Download from here.

Footscray Station by Scott & Charlene's Wedding from Craig Dermody on Vimeo.

Summer Camp - All There Is

But you'd never guess it was Jez'n'Liz if we hadn't just said so. It's not an official release, the toytown hip-hop beat take on the Steinski cut-up method created for Radio 4's Short Cuts (link active until next week) as "a 'documentary song' which delves into the falsity of flirting and those moments when we realise we've really fallen in love".

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