Monday, March 19, 2012

Runaround Kids - You'd Feel The Same

Sit down for this. The first new material since the spiky Wakefield trio's STN number 19 of 2011 album is being released as a T-shirt plus free CDR (ah, the value of recorded music). A special bundle deal via Bandcamp means you'll also be on the mailout for a forthcoming 12" split single with We Are Losers, a cassette with The Spills and a compilation CD with those tracks plus more, as well as badges, stickers, scans and whatever else fits into an envelope. None of this would be any good without a halfway decent song to front the whole extended project up and it is, exploding into life like a more acute Cribs before re-evolving two or three times over into jagged college rock in which the melody fights to emerge to the top as guitars dart, jab and eventually coast about and the action switches from accusatorial shouts to recent JoFo-like end of the night balladry of a broken man.

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