Thursday, February 09, 2012

Johnny Foreigner - (Small Fraud)

It feels like an obligatory public service these days. A new outtake from Vs Everything, which Alexei specifies "Kelly hates". Basically Lex monologuing over some whirling out of control electro, they've tagged it 'georgepringlecore'. Oh, you.

March tour dates! At long, long last. Most dates have We Are The Physics supporting; the last two are lengthy affairs in the vein of their dual album launch shows.

1st Sheffield Harley
3rd Derby Victoria Inn
7th Southampton UNIT
8th Brighton Green Door Store
9th Northampton Labour Club
10th Cheltenham Frog & Fiddle
11th Leeds Brudenell Social Club
16th Birmingham Flapper
21st April London Garage

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Rosie B said...

Ah-mazing. I wish more people were inspired by George Pringle.