Saturday, November 13, 2010

Playlist additions 13/11/10

  • The Agitator - Give Me All That You Got [Myspace] [DailyMotion] [Soundcloud]
    The press release, on the album being called 'NO!', claims "You’ll be seeing a lot of this word out and about in the near future, if The Agitator has anything to do with it." For god's sake, PRs, never write anything that can be taken as read by pisstaking reviewers! Not that we're writing one of those, it being one man (Derek Meins, once upon a time of Eastern Lane) ranting like a political punk but only against a load of percussion.

  • The British Public - Bears [Myspace] [Soundcloud]
    Bar that this is the debut single by one Robert Gregory we can't tell you a lot about this, bar that it's a very fine British-as-the-day-is-long odd-pop record projected through a prism of XTC, Stiff Records and subtle unsettlement.

  • Jam On Bread - It's Always Sunny Inside [Myspace] [Vimeo] [Spotify]
    Fulsomely bearded Steve Carlton and his ukelele have between them this week brought out an album, A Railcard Adventure, of low-cost recorded, lovingly crafted songs wistfully and quirkily seperated from anyone else's standards for songwriting.

  • Johnny Foreigner - Tru Punx [Soundcloud]
    Sounds like Johnny Foreigner, which is as much as you can ask of them. Not even on the EP or album beyond.

  • Laura Marling - The Needle And The Damage Done [live YouTube] [Soundcloud]
    Wasn't she supposed to be releasing a second album in 2010? This is a cover, obviously, produced by Jack White, as is the other side of Third Man's upcoming 7" Blues Run The Game.

  • Tennis - Take Me Somewhere [download via P4K] [Myspace] [Soundcloud]
    Current blog hype Colorado married duo come on like Camera Obscura if Tracyanne was replaced by Bethany Cosentino, who'd first been given a strict talking to by, we dunno, Gavin to lay off the stuff about cats and weed. Just for this time of year, too.

    Nothing like video literalism:

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