Saturday, September 25, 2010

Playlist additions 25/9/10

  • Allo Darlin' - Tallulah [Myspace] [live YouTube] [stream via Hangover Lounge]
    This is the one Elizabeth plays solo on her uke mid-set, a tale of nostalgia, melancholy, pangs of young love and finding a Go-Betweens cassette in the car. Hadn't quite realised until hearing this version for an already sold out compilation by the Hangover Lounge Sunday afternoon acoustic club how wonderful this is, but really we should have known.

  • Blonde Redhead - Not Getting There [free mp3] [YouTube] [Spotify]
    Piss-poor album, but one shining jewel (unlike, say, Interpol's record) in this layered slab of dystopian electro darkness that for once sounds like it's actually heading somewhere.

  • British Sea Power - Zeus [live YouTube] [Soundcloud] [mp3-for-email]
    Album early next year, EP early next week. This lead track from the latter won't be on the former. Taut, slamming and turning into a completely different song for a bit at least a couple of times, it's as much a key grower as Do You Like Rock Music? preview track Atom was.

  • The Chapman Family - All Fall [YouTube]
    Wiry, committed and not a little like the aural equivalent of one of those bore drills being used to free the Chilean minors, even the bits in this that sound a little like early Placebo (ie just before it really kicks off, although that explains the eyeliner) We seem to have been talking about ver Chapmans' singles for several decades and appreciate that it remains on the edge of going very wrong, but oh, the noise and funnelling of such.

  • Fujiya & Miyagi - Sixteen Shades Of Black And Blue [free mp3]
    A second cousin to Gorillaz' Glitter Freeze, an insistent, almost glam bass pulse guides us along as David Best's famously deadpan free associating lyrics take on a very worrying hue, even for the band whose most famous song referenced "the ghost of Lena Zavaroni". Fourth album early in '11.

  • Honour Before Glory - Forever [Soundcloud]
    Shortly before welcoming Johnny Foreigner into his studio, Whiskas stuck this seven minute slow burner up from his solo project, starting tentatively, getting anxious in the middle, ending with Mew-like stratospheric delayed guitar-aided triumphalism. First London gig is on 6th October at The Drop, Stoke Newington; hopefully many, many more to follow in 2011.

  • Kyu - Pixiphony [Myspace] [Soundcloud]
    Guided to this by Jen Long's typically restrained TLOBF piece about Brisbane's BIGSOUND Summit, a Sydney duo who resemble The Knife deprived of their synths and given the run of Animal Collective's campfire percussion collection

  • The Lucksmiths - Get-To-Bed Birds [mp3 via P4K] [Soundcloud]
    The glorious Melbourne indiepop dreamers split up last August but their farewell single has only just emerged, as simultaneously bittersweet and sunlit, and as reflecting on life through a glass after dark, as they ever were.

  • Maps & Atlases - Solid Ground [Myspace] [YouTube] [Soundcloud]
    The former Chicago math majors' new (and proper debut) album sounds like they've mainlined TVOTR and Yeasayer, not always in a productive way, but it does produce this restlessly building jolt.

  • No Age - Fever Dreaming [live YouTube] [stream via P4K]
    It sounds a bit like mid-period Husker Du. Good enough for us.

  • Superman Revenge Squad - Dead Crow Blues [YouTube]
    Everything's coming up Milhouse for Ben Parker in October, as the Nosferatu D2 album gets a reissue with better distribution and a long gestating Superman Revenge Squad EP of the same title as this track is released on the 18th by the splendidly tautological Records Records Records records. The piano chords and electronic drums are something we've not heard from him before (the cello has been part of his live show for a little bit, and indeed the rest of the record is acoustic/cello), the elliptical lyrical scheme angling towards self-loathing we very much have.

  • Warpaint - Undertow [free mp3] [Myspace] [live acoustic YouTube]
    For about three fifths of its life, Warpaint seem to have traded the gauzey, wracked atmospherics of the Exquisite Corpse EP for life as The XX with girly harmonies. Then the rush comes and explodes the taut guitar into widescreen.

    We've still not got hold of the Mitchell Museum album, we think because it's not out physically yet. No excuse these days, we know, but there it is. This is the new video for Tiger Heartbeat, a tribute to the twin wonders of 8-bit platform gaming and the ingenuity stemming from ownership of cardboard boxes.

    Mitchell Museum: 'Tiger Heartbeat' ADHD Edit from mitchell museum on Vimeo.

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