Sunday, May 09, 2010

Sweeping The Nation Presents... #7

While we recover from the non-partying around the STN birthday celebrations and start to get develop some good ideas, we might as well tell you about our next live gig even though you don't come to them and it's ages away. It's a special one, though, being an Indietracks Festival warm-up. For it we're temporarily moving to the bigger Leicester Musician, where on 22nd July we intend to present...

By Rachael Smith

MJ Hibbett & The Validators
The only non-Indietracks full band public gig this year (we think) by the indiepop bard of Peterborough, just before he takes his one-man rock opera Dinosaur Planet to the Edinburgh Fringe.

Standard Fare
Some say they're indiepop's breakout band of the year. What we can definitely state is The Noyelle Beat is a superb work.

Lime Chalks
Birmingham outfit who, they say, "play indiefolklofipop or whatever you'd care to call it, and their philosophy is thus: cheerfulness, melodiousness, harmoniousness!"

As usual it'll be £4 online or £5 on the door. Register your interest on Facebook or, why not.

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