Thursday, September 03, 2009

We've been listening to a lot of music

A small but significant amount of it by Sunderland's dreamcatchers Frankie & The Heartstrings. At heart it's just glorious, if skewed, pop music, referencing the Smiths, Orange Juice and rock'n'roll's sophisticated side in a way few since imperial Franz have, plus nods to the likes of Dexys, the Yummy Fur and Go-Betweens, people who do things in a melodic way but very much to their own particular agenda. Since we first mentioned them Pete Gofton of Johnny X/J Xaverre/George Washington Brown greatness has joined in, Wichita Records have provided managerial support and they've been playing quite regularly around the north-east, newly confirmed along with several thousand others for Swn festival (if only... if only...) Theirs are songs for lovers.

Frankie & The Heartstrings - Hunger
Frankie & The Heartstrings - Fragile

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