Tuesday, March 04, 2008

New for you

We haven't done any new mp3s for a while. So let's do some.

The fifth and final in Brainlove Records' 7" Club is released on 17th March. One side features two new songs from Friends Of The Bride, who we've typed quite a bit about in the past so can leave for the moment. The other features two tracks by Modernaire, a Manchester trio glorying in the names of Cruella de Mill And The 101 Damnations, Chesty La Rue and Oscar Wildstyle. No, since you ask, they don't sound like the Courteeners. And yes, they do do retro-futurist electro, fusing pulses from early Ladytron via Heaven 17 and allying it to darkly sexy lyrics. Their mission statement is to "want people to think of pop music as a noble thing again", which everyone says now but they might well pull off for themselves. Essentially, they're the Robots In Disguise who've never been to the Hawley Arms. And aren't shit, obviously.

Modernaire - Taste

As well as being heavily involved in the mighty Indietracks festival, Pocketbooks are an unashamed part of what some call the twee revival, "brought together through a shared love of tambourines, pianos, glockenspiels, jangly guitars and boy/girl harmonies." So yeah, their new EP Waking Up, out on the 17th March via Make Do And Mend Records, is gorgeous early summery harmonies and melodies that bear comparison to the usual Field Mice/June Brides/Sarah Records suspects right up through Heavenly and Tigermilk and co to now sit alongside the likes of Aberfeldy and Saturday Looks Good To Me. Is that so bad?

Pocketbooks - Don't Stop

We blogged last summer about Coltrane Motion, an Ohio duo whose album of pointing home-made synths in a shoegazing direction, Songs About Music, received some blog love but a disappointingly low amount of attention elsewhere. That band's Michael Bond is also in The Most Powerful Telescope In The Universe, whose working pattern is perhaps its only connection with Josh Homme's Desert Sessions: "Once a year, we turn a woodland cabin into a makeshift recording studio, fill it with instruments, and spend the weekend writing and recording an EP from scratch. Then we all go back to our other projects, and release the results online for free." The first was released on Christmas Day just gone, the second comes this summer. There's quite a bit of stuff going on here, from Tortoise's mood making to lo-fi slacker cabaret to a toned down Ride. The full download link is in their most recent Myspace blog and comes with our seal of approval, whatever that proves.

The Most Powerful Telescope In The Universe - This Unit Has A Bad Motivator


Anonymous said...

Don't leave us too long... Or should I be thankful that you did...? ;)


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