Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekender : you know it is, it really is

FREE MUSIC: Sage Francis (not to be confused with nu-folk contenders Page France) is a Rhode Island hip-hopper who falls squarely into the wordy, genre boundary testing, conscious raising, politically and socially fuelled, probably guilty-conscious on our part small part of the genre we do go for (cf Blackalicious, Aesop Rock, Cadence Weapon). Civil Obedience is from his third album Human The Death Dance, which also features contributions from Buck 65 and Jolie Holland, and flows like a fucker.

HEY YOU GET OFFA MYSPACE: It's been, ooh, a month since we featured a twee/C86 indie referencing new band. So here's one now, Pocketbooks. Claiming formation through "a shared love of tambourines, handclaps, glockenspiels, jangly guitars and boy/girl harmonies" is the giveaway, but you've still got to do it right and they tremendously do, in the method of Heavenly, the Field Mice, the Pastels, a less self-absorbed Felt, the happy-sadness of Hefner and latterly your Boy Least Likely To and the Australian and Swedish janglepop movements. They released their debut single in May, featured on the accomplished Kids At The Club compilation and feature on Smalltown America's next Public Service Broadcast compilation along with the previously Myspace featured Pagan Wanderer Lu and Clone Quartet plus a song called Philately Will Get You Nowhere. They may also be the first band we've ever come across to cite Sleeper as an influence.

VISUAL REPRESENTATION: Back to the gift that keeps on giving, television wondering what to make of this whole rock'n'roll thing, inspired in part by London Tonight's coverage of the White Stripes Chelsea Pensioners gig, which is local news reportage as only that sector can manage. How different it must have been in the old days. Or maybe not, as the London And South East opt-out of Nationwide in 1970 deems a murder trial and two dead (we assume) children to be less newsworthy than the news that the Beatles not winning the most popular band category in the Melody Maker reader's poll. It's left to Bob Wellings, who became the main programme's co-host a year later, and Brian Ash, whoever he was, to explain to square daddios who exactly these hirsute gentlemen calling themselves 'The' Led Zeppelin who took their place are. MM editor Ray Coleman contributes on his way to the All-England Eric Morecambe Lookalike Contest, but the real meat is Wellings' attempt to get to grips with an intelligent, snout-toting Robert Plant and John Bonham in the studio. Yeah, that cult of personality really died for good in 1970, especially around Led Zep.

FALLING OFF A BLOG: Pop Will Eat My Blog knows which crates to dig in and shares a hell of a lot of it, including a whole Ultra Vivid Scene album, Paul Hardcastle's French version of 19, Heaven 17, Opus III, the Psychedelic Furs and Ned's Atomic Dustbin.

EVERYBODY GET RANDOM: Oeuvreblog update! That word comes from Paraguay And Laos, Iain F of Delete As Appropriate's brilliantly titled (ahem) Bluetones-specific blog. Tom 'Freaky Trigger' Ewing has spotted a movement afoot to try and make sense of too.

IN OTHER NEWS: WMFU strike gold again with The Sixty Second Song Remix Contest, an attempt to pare down the classics to less than a minute. A winner has already been decided, but, in contravention of the original idea, the entries could keep you going all week.

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