Saturday, October 28, 2006

Go and do something else

While we prepare stuff both part of and to run alongside The Song Write-Up Feature We've Still Not Settled On A Name For - if you're reading this and have signed up, we hope you're preparing too - plenty of other stuff of interest is happening across some of our favourite offcuts from the music blogosphere (gnnh). The Indie Credential has had a sparkling redesign, Jamie's Runout Groove continues its Manics discography with an upload of the Sleeping With The NME discussion on the Richey 4 REAL photos that was on the B-side of Suicide Is Painless - plenty of future media hitters in there - Indie mp3's latest podcast revives C86 to mark the CD86 release and anniversary ICA gigs*, Nothing But Green Lights is giving away signed Sky Larkin artwork and The Daily Growl uploads the best of the hugely unlikely at one time concept of a Queens Of Noize folk compilation.

Also, as an addendum to the Luke Haines Illustrated Guide that's only just come to our attention, John Moore has his own blog, which is as singularly quasi-eccentic as you'd expect.

(* Speaking of which reminded us to dig out the also held on Indie mp3 graduate thesis on what C86 all meant)

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