Thursday, June 06, 2013

A quick catchup

We've been posting a lot of recent new stuff over on our underfollowed* Tumblr. As you're too lazy to read that, here's some of our favourite recent offerings:

- Introducing Telegram: they've played three gigs, already done a Marc Riley session, have been taken under the wing of the Horrors/Toy/Charlie Boyer axis and sound pretty good for it

- Martha - Sycamore

- Pins - Stay True

- Stairs To Korea - The Afternoons

- The Wytches - Beehive Queen

- Trophy Wife - Glue

- Codex Leicester - The Open Arms Of Las Vegas

- Lanterns On The Lake - Another Tale From Another English Town

- Kiran Leonard - Dear Lincoln

- Benin City - Faithless

- Hooded Fang - Ode To Subterrania

* Not quite as underfollowed, however, as our other two ongoing projects, The Shine Years recapping the Britpop compilations track for track and Bottom Of The Top 40, a kind of anti-Popular.

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