Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Her Parents - Lithuanian Mercedes

You probably know the Her Parents drill by now - thrashy punk, shouting of obtuse lyrics, all over in double quick time. 76 seconds this time, and it's about what it says in the title after a fashion, only with a little less shouting and, dare we say, a little more of a melody the postman can whistle. Second album Happy Birthday (currently streaming via DIY) is out May 13th on vinyl, a week later digitally, via Alcopop!, features songs called Why Are You Hitting Yourself and Hollow Out A Horse, and as it all fits on one side of a 12" they've put its predecessor Physical Release in the flip. Can't say fairer deal than that.


25th May Manchester Kraak
26th May Glasgow Old Hairdressers
28th May Nottingham JT Soar
29th May Oxford Wheatsheaf
30th May Glasgow Undertone
31st May Brighton Prince Albert
1st June London Old Blue Last

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