Monday, October 08, 2012

Ralegh Long - The Gift

Here's an STN exclusive, the video (directed by Sophie Di Martino) to the title track from Long's newly released second EP, available via Bandcamp; a sighing, conflicted piano ballad to be filed next to Darren Hayman's Ship's Piano. In Long's own words:

"In the last year I really began to explore the craft of writing on the piano. It makes for different songs. At the same time I started hearing things differently, listening to artists like John Howard, and Bill Fay, and feeling different about the place of sentimentality in music. I wrote about this here. Without realising it, I’d carried with me an opposition of honesty and sentimentality. For this record I dropped that opposition. I’m interested in how you can be vulnerable and direct in music without descending into trite statements. To that end it’s a very naked record. Although the writing is heavily crafted, it was mostly recorded live in single takes."

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