Monday, April 23, 2012

The Leg - Bake Yourself Silly

Loons! Excellent. The Leg are a trio from Edinburgh, one of whom used to lead Khaya, who myself and perhaps four other people remember. Their third album An Eagle To Saturn is out next week on Song, By Toad, on behalf of which Matthew's description begins "I still can't decide if I think this album is an amazing pop record or just plain fucking mental. Like most of the best albums I reckon it’s a bit of both." That they've collaborated with Paul Vickers of Dawn Of The Replicants is a hefty shove in the right direction, this being about as approachable as the album gets as it gaily switches between moods, genres and levels of downright oddness, usually backed by weeping strings that in their almost normality make it sound even more acute.

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Tom said...

I liked Khaya enough to write their name on the bag I used to take my books to college! I had heard of The Leg but I didn't realise there was a crossover; of course now that I listen to the song I can hear it immediately.